Water-Swellable Packers

Superior strength for the life of the well

Schlumberger swell packers overcome the main weakness of conventional water-swellable packers, which rely solely on osmosis for swelling. Osmosis is a reversible reaction; changes in downhole salinity and other factors can cause the process to reverse and the packer to deswell, leading to leaks and a lower differential pressure capacity.

Our proprietary reactive technology is based on an irreversible chemical reaction. When water is absorbed, reactive fillers expand and stiffen, building a secondary network within the elastomer as it swells.This network mechanically reinforces the elastomer and enables higher differential pressures to be withstood by shorter lengths. It also minimizes thermal contraction during stimulation and prevents deswelling, ensuring long-term sealing. This reactive technology has been tested and proven to have industry-leading performance.

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Maximize Reliability and Performance

Swellable packer
Stringent qualification tests and exclusive design features ensure that ResPack and ResPack Slip swellable packers provide maximum reliability and performance in the industry.