Dissolvable Frac Plugs

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Fullbore production without milling

ReacXion Complete fully dissolvable frac plug enables immediate production after multistage plug-and-perf operations and subsequently dissolves to deliver fullbore production without milling. It lowers costs, reduces time to market, and helps maximize reservoir contact by removing limits on lateral length imposed by postfracturing mechanical intervention capabilities.

A proprietary coating protects the plug and prevents early dissolution, enabling plug placement in the well several hours before isolation is required. To complete the isolation, a dissolvable ball incorporating ELEMENTAL degradable technology is pumped down to the integral ball seat before fracturing begins.

Accelerated dissolution opens the full bore

The design maximizes the ID of the tool, and the ball dissolves rapidly to enable immediate production through the large bore after stimulation is complete. Subsequently, the plug dissolves under downhole conditions.

Load transfer technology improves seal

The design uses the casing as a supporting member, transferring the load from the ball to the ball seat, through the slips, and onto the casing. Pressure exerted on the ball during stimulation continues to reinforce the integrity of the plug’s seal, forming a tighter seal as pressure is increased.

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Schlumberger dissolvable frac plugs can now be purchased on ofmp.com
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Frac Plugs Designed for Rapid or No Millout

FracXion fully composite frac plugs and ReacXion dissolvable frac plugs.
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Patented Material Degrades Fully and Predictably

Degradable alloy
Frac balls made of high-strength, impact-resistant material using ELEMENTAL degradable technology disintegrate into a fine powder that does not interfere with production. Visit ELEMENTAL Degradable Technology page