Dissolvable Plug and Perf

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Maximize production without intervention

Eliminate expensive, time-consuming milling operations by deploying dissolvable frac plugs and frac balls or degradable frac balls, used with or without degradable seats. Reduce time to market and enable production to reach its full potential. Eliminating postfracturing mechanical intervention removes limits on the length of the lateral, maximizing reservoir contact.

Dissolvable Plug-and-Perf System Eliminates Millouts in Multistage Stimulations

Infinity dissolvable plug-and-perf system expands the capabilities of multistage stimulation, eliminating the need for mechanical intervention and optimizing production in cemented and uncemented wellbores. 
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Infinity Dissolvable Plug-and-Perf System

ReacXion Complete Fully Dissolvable Frac Plug

The ReacXion Complete fully dissolvable frac plug enables immediate production and subsequently dissolves to deliver fullbore production without milling. A proprietary coating prevents early dissolution, enabling plug placement in the well several hours before isolation is required. To complete the isolation, a dissolvable ball is pumped down to the integral ball seat before fracturing begins.

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Frac Plugs Designed for Rapid or No Millout

FracXion fully composite frac plugs and ReacXion dissolvable frac plugs.
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Degradable Frac Ball and Seat Eliminates Poststimulation Milling

Infinity Dissolvable Plug-and-Perf System
Zavanna saved 50 hours by deploying the Infinity dissolvable plug-and-perf system, eliminating poststimulation millout and risks associated with conventional milling operations
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