Infinity Dissolvable Plug-and-Perf System

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Enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness of plug-and-perf as well as openhole multistage stimulation

Infinity dissolvable plug-and-perf system uses degradable fracturing balls and seats instead of plugs to isolate zones during stimulation.  The versatile system is suitable for cemented, uncemented, vertical, deviated, or horizontal applications in shale, sandstone, dolomite, and other lithologies.

Infinity Dissolvable Plug-and-Perf SystemInfinity Dissolvable Plug-and-Perf System

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The balls and seats used by the Infinity system to isolate zones during stimulation degrade completely, providing unrestricted production without the need for milling.

Access fullbore production ID

The patented aluminum-based material degrades completely and predictably within hours or days, ensuring that production reaches its full potential. No additives are required. Fullbore access also increases the options available for postfracturing evaluation and future production intervention.

Eliminate mechanical intervention

No plugs means no mechanical intervention is required to mill them out. Running the Infinity system in combination with the KickStart pressure-activated rupture disc valve for cemented multistage fracturing further eliminates the need for the tubing- or CT-conveyed perforating gun to fracture-stimulate the first stage of a plug-and-perf operation. The result is reduced expenditure of time and money. Operations are possible in remote locations with no access to mechanical intervention units.

Increase reservoir contact

The lateral length is restricted by the capabilities, costs, and length of CT for effective milling. Eliminating postfracturing CT intervention removes limits on the length of the lateral, maximizing reservoir contact and estimated ultimate recovery (EUR).

Remove risks associated with mechanical intervention

In depleted reservoirs it is difficult to manage the removal of milling debris, increasing costs and the risks of getting stuck. Rigging mechanical intervention equipment up and down carries its own risks.

Reach market quicker

Eliminating milling considerably reduces the time between drilling and production. On multiwell pads by the time drilling on the pad is complete, the first wells are ready to flow back and be placed on production, providing faster access to revenue.

Increase reliability through advanced technology

The high-strength, impact-resistant alloy is stronger than conventional alloys. It withstands differential pressures up to 8,000 psi [55 MPa] and temperatures up to 350 degF [177 degC]. It also has a proven record of performance at temperatures as low as 75 degF [24 degC].

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Infinity Dissolvable Plug-and-Perf System
Zavanna saved 50 hours by deploying the Infinity dissolvable plug-and-perf system, eliminating poststimulation millout and risks associated with conventional milling operations.
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Infinity Dissolvable Plug-and-Perf System
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