Copperhead Drillable Bridge and Frac Plug

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Aluminum frac plug for zonal isolation

Nondegradable, aluminum Copperhead drillable bridge and frac plugs isolate zones during plug-and-perf operations. They have a unique activation system with seals that withstand multiple pressure reversals and a one-way internal check valve that allows free flow of fluids from below the plug after stimulation. A proprietary slip design eliminates presetting, while a rotational lock mechanism prevents slipping and spinning during plug removal.

The plugs are rated to 10,000 psi at 350 degF. HPHT versions are rated to 15,000 psi at 400 degF.

The Copperhead plug mill, designed to simulate the cutting action of a machine shop lathe, drills out small, consistently sized cuttings that are easily circulated out of the well in just one trip.

Copperhead Slim high-expansion drillable frac plug

Copperhead Slim high-expansion drillable frac plugs have a small OD, which enables the plugs to pass through casing restrictions and damaged casing; once in position, they expand to the standard casing ID. Their hybrid construction consists of a composite material with an aluminum core for greater strength. The plugs are set using wireline, CT, or threaded pipe.

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Eliminate Presetting, Withstand Pressures to
10,000 psi

COPPERHEAD drillable bridge plug
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