Completion Packers

Enhanced completion integrity and longevity

Packers systems are among the most important tools in the tubing string. The types of packer systems vary greatly. We offer a wide range of types and sizes, designed or configured to meet specific wellbore or reservoir conditions, such as single-packer or tandem-packer configurations, single-tubing or dual-tubing strings, and the full range of pressure and temperature applications.

The basic requirement of packers systems and associated tools relates to flow from or injection into the formation to or from the tubing string or production conduit. The packer must enable efficient flow and must not restrict normal production or injection flow.

Testing beyond ISO

All new packers are designed and tested beyond ISO standard 14310, which defines packer design validation grades. Premium packers are qualified as V0, the strongest validation overall, and new packer designs must meet the minimum standard of V3, the most stringent standard for testing in liquid media. In addition to enhanced ISO testing, packers undergo design acceptance tests, including vibration and shock testing, standard flow-by testing, and full functional testing. All X-series elements are 100% volumetrically scanned.

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Thermal Packers

Liner hanger packers  incorporating proprietary non-elastomer thermal sealing elements for harsh environment.

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Permanent and retrievable packers for hostile downhole conditions.

Sand Control Packers

Conventional Packers

Numerous options to ensure the best match for a variety of reservoir conditions and completions for vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells and low- to mid-pressure and temperature environments .

Expandable Steel Packers

Swellable Packers

Packers for High-Rate Gas Wells

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Hydraulically set, retrievable packers featuring a secondary bore that allows passage of another completion string or the ESP packer penetrator.

Packers for Intelligent Completions

Service Packers

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BluePack Production Packers Portfolio

BluePack production packers brochure
BluePack packers are available in all major casing sizes, and every size is validated to API Spec 11D1 and ISO 14310 standards—an industry first. Download brochure (3.00 MB PDF)


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