Completion Packers

All new Schlumberger packers are designed and tested to ISO 14310:2008 standards, and existing packers are subject to ongoing design reviews and testing. All our premium packers are qualified as V0, the strongest validation overall. New packer designs must meet the minimum standard of V3, the most stringent standard for testing in liquid media.

Special Validation Grades
V0: Bubble-tight test 
V1: Gas test + axial loads + temperature cycling
V2: Gas test + axial loads
V3: Liquid test + axial loads + temperature cycling
V4: Liquid test + axial loads
V5: Liquid test 
V6: Supplier/manufacturer-defined


Broad, Versatile Portfolio of Packer Systems 

 Schlumberger Packers Catalog
Catalog of Packers and Accessories: Designed for a wide range of pressures, temperatures, and wellbore applications.
Download catalog (6.45 MB PDF)


BluePack packers nomenclature
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