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Stringently tested packers for low to medium pressures and temperatures

The Schlumberger portfolio contains a wide selection of field-proven packers and packer accessories suited for noncomplex, conventional wellbore applications. The comprehensive offering includes mechanical-, wireline-, and hydraulic-set retrievable packers, permanent packers, bridge plugs, service tools, and accessories. These systems are designed to meet a wide range of reservoir conditions for vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells and low- to mid-pressure and temperature environments.

Because of the critical role that packers play, stringent temperature, pressure, and load prerelease tests are conducted on system components at our engineering test facilities in Houston, Texas. Testing parameters are fully monitored, documented, and compliant with the latest ISO 14310 standards to meet both industry and customer-specific requirements.

Comprehensively analyzed designs for maximum performance

Matching the best-performing packer with a specific well requires an understanding of the environment and its potential challenges, along with the effects of differential pressure on tensile and compressive loading. Our engineers predict a packer’s performance on the basis of these effects using computer modeling, numerical simulation, and laboratory and field testing. A thorough analysis of the results defines the packer’s safe operating range and helps identify the most appropriate packer for your well, helping you protect the value of your assets.

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