Expandable Steel Packers

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Saltel Industries, an upstream oil service company, joined Schlumberger in 2016 and brings expertise in the growing markets of completions remedial services and openhole annular isolation. The company specializes in high-performance composite elastomers and the plastic deformation of stainless steel, and offers a line of expandable steel packers.

Steel packers

Saltel steel packers are set with limited overpressure and a quick, positive setting procedure to avoid weakening the setting zone. These features enable use of the packers in various applications, such as shale fracturing, multistage cementing, cement replacement or integrity verification, acid stimulation, and zonal isolation.

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Contact & Address Telephone
Saltel - Head Office
Rue Siméon Poisson
Bruz, 35170
+33 02 23 41 64 12
Saltel - Houston Office
1325 South Dairy Ashford Rd.
Houston, TX 77077-2307
+1 281 285 3164

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