Packers for High-Rate Gas Wells

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Large bores maximize flow in high-rate production and injection wells

We offer a choice of two large-bore packers for high-rate gas wells—whether vertical, deviated, or horizontal. Both are designed and validated in accordance with ISO 14310 and API 11D1 V0 standards. No tubing movement is required to set them.

Choose retrievable or permanent packers

Retrievable XHP-BB hydrostatically set big-bore premium production packers withstand pressures up to 10,000 psi [69 MPa] and temperatures up to 400 degF [204 degC]. They are designed for closed systems, such as cased hole wells before perforating and openhole completions isolated by a formation isolation valve. These packers are qualified for low-temperature use in subsea injection wells, as well as for HPHT environments.

BluePack Ultra PH ultrahigh-pressure permanent hydraulic-set production packers have a large-bore version and are suited for applications up to 15,000 psi [103 MPa] and 350 degF [177 degC].

Install your completion in a single trip

The packers are installed with the completion tubing, facilitating interventionless single-trip completions, preferred for applications such as deep water.  

Perform interventions with confidence

The XHP-BB packer’s cut-to-release feature allows multiple through-tubing interventions without the risk of unsetting the packer. For retrieval, a through-tubing intervention tool shears the setting mechanism, followed by an upward pull on the tubing. The BluePack Ultra PH packer is designed for easier milling.

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Sealing Element Above Slips Acts as a Debris Barrier

 XHP-BB big-bore premium production packer
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BluePack packers nomenclature
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