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For production, injection, and cleanup treatments

A selection of field-proven designs is available for production, injection, or cleanup treatments, including squeeze cementing, acidizing, fracturing, and testing. These retrievable packers are set mechanically; options are available for setting with or without tubing rotation.

Bridge plugs and cement retainers

Our BluePlug cement retainers and bridge plugs series is designed to deliver optimal performance in a compact, easy-to-mill package. Cast iron construction provides premium durability for downhole endurance.

All BluePlug plugs are tested, V3 validated, and certified to ensure reliability in setting and sealing every time.

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Single-Trip Setting Tool Reduces Rig Time, Cost

BluePlug Max CMR Wireline- or Tubing-Set Cement Retainer
The BluePlug Max CMR wireline- or tubing-set cement retainer creates a barrier to enable cement injection and ensure accurate cement placement.
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