Water-Swellable Packers

Superior strength for the life of the well

ResPack swellable bonded-to-pipe packers overcome the main weakness of conventional water-swellable packers, which rely solely on osmosis for swelling. Osmosis can reverse over time, causing other packers to deswell and leak. Our proprietary reactive technology, however, is based on an irreversible chemical reaction that mechanically reinforces the elastomer and enables higher differential pressures to be withstood by shorter lengths.

Engineered mechanism to prevent premature setting

An integral delay mechanism engineered into the polymer of our swell packers minimizes the risk of premature swelling and setting without the need for any additional exterior coating. Swelling starts immediately after contact with wellbore fluids and progresses in very small increments, enabling the packer to reach the setting depth safely, where it continues to swell and seal.

Highest ratings in the industry

Superior compounding and mechanical design ensure greater reliability and industry-leading temperature and differential pressure capabilities with shorter lengths of element. Packers are available for temperatures up to 270 degF
[133 degC] and differential pressures up to 10,000 psi [69 MPa].

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Maximize Reliability and Performance

Swellable packer
Stringent qualification tests and exclusive design features ensure that ResPack and ResPack Slip swellable packers provide maximum reliability and performance in the industry.