Completion Perforating Without Killing the Well

The CWOK process uses underbalance, dynamic underbalance (PURE), or extreme underbalance perforating for clean perforations, then removes the guns without killing the well.

A typical well kill may damage clean perforations unless very carefully designed pills are developed. CWOK includes the following techniques:

  • Through tubing perforating (wireline or slickline)
  • X-Tools to drop guns into the rathole
  • FIV to isolate the reservoir and enable long gun strings to be recovered to surface
  • CIRP to connect and disconnect long gun strings under pressure
  • GunStack to run and stack guns on anchors

Other techniques include running isolation plugs through the completion in order to recover DST strings, and PerfPac, which allows completion of gravel packs without killing the well.

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Completion Perforating Without Killing the Well
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