Fractal Multistage Stimulation Perforating System

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Modular system significantly improves safety, reliability, and efficiency of multistage perforating operations

The Fractal multistage stimulation perforating system for fracturing job optimization reengineers the conventional perforating gun system to create a fit-for-purpose modular design that optimizes multistage fracture stimulation, operations in coalbed methane (CBM) wells, and limited-entry acid stimulation.

BHP Billiton Deploys 467 Fractal System Guns with 99.1% Reliability

To improve overall efficiency of multistage stimulation and perforating, BHP Billiton deployed Fractal multistage stimulation perforating systems in the Eagle Ford and Permian basin as a field test. Crews experienced a 50% faster turnaround compared with conventional gun systems. 
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Prewired for plug and play

Electrically prewired at the manufacturing center, the Fractal perforating system requires only minimal assembly on location. Multiple gun sizes and lengths from 1 to 5 ft are available. All components, including either a radio-frequency- (RF-) safe or conventional initiation system, are supplied in plug-and-play subassemblies. No electric connections need to be made at the wellsite.

RF-safe initiation or conventional detonator

The RF-safe initator used with the Fractal perforating system is based on the industry’s safest and most reliable exploding foil initiator, the Secure2 electronic detonator, and is integrated on the same electronics board with the ASFS addressable-switch firing system. This combination enables running up to 40 guns on the same descent with a high initiation reliability of 99.85%.

A conventional detonator is available in a similar module incorporating an addressable mechanical ballistic interrupter controlled from the surface. The interrupter is removed by the same computer command used to initiate the Fractal system once it is positioned downhole at the targeted interval.

System integrity

Because the disposable Fractal system incorporates pressure barriers integrated with the electrical connections, it does not require redressable intergun adapters—every perforating run uses new components, which reduces rig-up height while improving efficiency and reliability.

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Plug-and-Play System for Faster, Safer Fracturing

Fractal perforating system for frac job optimization
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