Hollow Carrier Gun Perforating Systems

Engineered systems of guns and charges for optimized perforating

Hollow carrier guns are pressure-tight steel tubes in which the shaped charges are positioned. For gun ODs of 2 7/8 in and larger, hollow carrier guns perform better than exposed guns because they use larger charges with optimized phasing and increased shot density. Hollow carrier guns are also used when debris is unacceptable and in hostile conditions that preclude using exposed guns.

To provide maximum perforator performance, our hollow carrier guns are designed as systems, comprising carriers, charges, detonating cords, and boosters. All components are manufactured to rigorous QA/QC standards and system performance verified through API RP 19B Section 1 test data. Gun systems are customized by optimizing their configuration to the wellbore environment and reservoir conditions with the SPAN Rock rock-based penetration model.

Expanded-Range Wireline Perforating System

The XR-Perf system expands the range of wireline perforating to deviated and complex wells and for conveying long, heavy toolstrings.

PURE Clean Perforations System

HSD High Shot Density Perforating Gun System

Port Plug Guns and HEGS High-Efficiency Gun Systems

OrientXact Oriented Perforating System

Frac Gun Perforating Systems

Deep penetrating charges

PowerJet Nova Extradeep Penetrating Shaped Charge

PowerJet Nova extradeep penetrating charges provide the deepest formation penetration in the industry.

PowerJet Omega Shaped Charge

PowerJet Omega deep penetrating shaped charges deliver a 20% deeper penetration than conventional shaped charges.

Shaped charges performance and data summaries

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Deepest Penetrating Shaped Charge in the Industry

PowerJet Nova HNS shaped charge
PowerJet Nova charges deliver up to 50% more formation contact for more effective stimulation treatments and increased drainage contact.
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