Frac Gun Perforating Systems

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Perforating engineered for fracturing stimulation

Frac Gun perforating systems are engineered for the fracture stimulation of wells, with applications in slimhole wells, sand control operations, and coalbed methane (CBM) wells.

API RP 19B qualified

Because gun and charge performance are critical to the success of well completion, Frac Gun perforating systems are qualified to API Recommended Practice 19B Section 1 industry standards to verify penetration and casing entrance hole size.

Phased guns for efficient fracture stimulation

Frac Gun perforating systems feature 60° and 120° phasing and are loaded with deep penetrating charges to produce the large entrance hole size required for fracture stimulation.

Operations are streamlined through the use of quick-connecting push-in adapters on the gun intercarriers for conveyance on wireline or slickline.