PowerJet Omega Shaped Charge

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API-verified performance delivers 20% increase in penetration depth

PowerJet Omega deep penetrating perforating shaped charge increases penetration depth on average by 20% compared with the performance of previous-generation shaped charges. Performance is verified through the official American Petroleum Institute perforation registration program, API RP 19B.

Penetration past formation damage

Deeper penetration translates to increased well productivity or injectivity. In addition well efficiency is improved for a positive impact on lifting costs. PowerJet Omega shaped charges maintain deep penetration at high shot density to also intersect more natural fractures.

For 2- to 7-in HSD gun systems

The PowerJet Omega shaped charge is available for 2- to 7-in HSD high shot density gun systems with conveyance by wireline, slickline, tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP), coiled tubing, tractors, and permanent completions. PowerJet Omega shaped charges are also used with underbalanced perforating operations or the dynamic underbalanced technique of the PURE perforating system for clean perforations.

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PowerJet Omega deep penetrating shaped charges
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