Ballistic Time-Delay Fuse

Perforate multiple zones in a single-run operation

The ballistic time-delay fuse can be used on coiled tubing (CT) perforating applications either to initiate an on-time delay or to perforate several intervals in a single run by moving the gun string between the shots. The time-delay fuse is designed for a 5.5-min delay at 400 degF [204.5 degC]. The time delay increases as downhole temperature decreases

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Ballistic Time-Delay Fuse Enables Single-Run Perforating and Cleanup Operations, Ecuador

The P3 implosions were activated to clean the recent perforations tunnels—maximizing the well’s production potential.
Consortium Shushufindi increases production 51% from a low-pressure well, with deep and clean perforation tunnels. Read case study