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Predict perforating performance for improved efficiency

The Schlumberger Productivity Enhancement Research Facility (PERF) leverages a global network of scientists, engineers, and technicians with perforating domain expertise and extensive regional knowledge to deliver customized production optimization strategies specific to your reservoir, no matter the formation type or downhole conditions.

Laboratory simulations provide indispensable insight into your well’s reservoir-to-wellbore connection prior to field deployment, validating production at realistic downhole rates up to 300 MMcf/d. The resulting fit-for-purpose strategies and shaped charges deliver efficiency, reliability, and enhanced safety over the life of your reservoir.

Advanced Testing and Completion Fluid Development Improve Operational Safety and Well Performance

Statoil optimizes well productivity in the North Sea after in-depth design and testing of a customized completion fluid and unique perforation strategy. Read case study

Determine how your reservoir will respond to perforation

Using real rock (core samples) from your reservoir and replicating well-pressure dynamics from the field, our petrotechnical experts determine how your reservoir will respond when perforated. These laboratory tests provide answers to critical questions that testing in concrete cannot, enabling us to optimize stimulation treatment with charges, fluids, and perforating guns that are engineered for the wellbore environment, reservoir, and completion geometry.

Test perforating systems in realistic downhole conditions—from detonation to flowback

The PERF has the industry's largest polyaxial stress frame, making it possible for you to test perforating systems from charge detonation through flowback under realistic wellbore, pore, and vertical and horizontal stress conditions. After a full perforating system is shot, 3D reconstructions of the well reveal inflow and perforation behavior for better understanding of field well performance.

Achieve more effective perforations

Since introducing the industry’s first perforating flow laboratory in 1953 and pioneering extensive test programs, we’ve built six decades of experience—and data—toward understanding perforating system performance at downhole conditions. The PERF continues this tradition of excellence as the most technically advanced perforating system laboratory.

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Reservoir-to-Wellbore Connection in a Laboratory Environment

Productivity Enhancement Research Facility
The Perforating Laboratory colocates perforating research, industry-leading technologies, and advanced manufacturing to maximize perforation performance for optimal wellbore-to-reservoir connectivity.
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