Pump Down Perforating Services in North America

E&P Wireline services

E&P Wireline, a Schlumberger company, is the largest pump down perforating company in North America. We specialize in plug-and-perf operations and provide cement bond log and cased hole logging services to cover any needs that arise during well completion and intervention.

Dedicated processes yield excellent service delivery

Prejob planning meetings are used to define expectations, agree upon procedures, and use well information for plans. With the information gathered during planning, the service managers and field engineers select the right equipment for the job and execute the plan, taking care to identify any anomaly that requires immediate action.

Field offices deliver regional expertise

We cover activity from field offices in California, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Gulf Coast, Mississippi, Florida, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Alaska, and Canada. Our safety culture, deployment of best practices, and continuous improvement enable us to meet the needs of a wide range of customers throughout the North American plays. Our offices keep us flexible at the field level, while our corporate structure ensures standard operating procedures and area-level support for process safety and consistency.

We have state-of-the-art technology specifically engineered for the plug-and-perf market:

  • ASFS addressable-switch firing system provides enhanced safety for explosive operations and skip gun capabilities, and it reduces the number of failures downhole by testing the communication between gun string and acquisition system at surface. Download product sheet
  • Stimulation-optimized shaped charges create consistent entrance hole diameter regardless of the standoff, making them ideal for horizontal wells. Download product sheet
  • Fractal multistage stimulation perforating system is a plug-and-play technology with guns assembled at the gun shop, increasing the runs per misrun rate by over 60% compared to conventional guns. Download product sheet
  • Fractal Flex multistage stimulation perforating system extends the flexibility of the Fractal system by enabling use of any industry-standard drop-in charges. Download product sheet

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E&P Wireline Services

Plug-and-Play System for Faster, Safer Fracturing

Fractal perforating system for frac job optimization
The electrically prewired Fractal multistage stimulation perforating system requires only minimal assembly on location, with all components supplied in plug-and-play subassemblies.
Visit Fractal System page

FracXion Fully Composite Frac Plugs Expedite Millout in Standard and HPHT Wells

FracXion fully composite frac plugs
Hollow metal button slips are designed to shatter during milling, further reducing millout time and debris size.