SPAN Rock Stressed-Rock Perforating Analysis

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Model perforating performance at reservoir conditions to optimize completion efficiency

Deliver the best productivity from your completion with the optimal gun system and charges specified by SPAN Rock stressed-rock perforating analysis. This simple yet comprehensive modeling guides the user down a logical path for perforation design and the prediction of well productivity. Input parameters include casing, cement, and rock properties; wellbore geometry (orientation and accommodating up to five concentric casing strings); and completion fluid characteristics. These are matched with performance and positioning data for the gun system and charge to predict perforating performance. Skin can be analyzed solely as perforation skin or as the total skin effect.

Real-world basis: Perforating performance testing at downhole stress regimes

Although API RP 19B Section 1 data is useful for determining perforating system performance as a comparative tool, it does not accurately represent the flow performance of rock under downhole conditions. SPAN Rock stressed-rock perforating analysis updates SPAN Schlumberger perforating analysis software by incorporating hundreds of shaped charge test shots made into a broad range of stressed rocks to accurately predict perforator performance downhole. Our most recent research acquired test data at extreme values of rock strength in developing PowerJet Nova extradeep penetrating shaped charges, the deepest penetrating charge in the industry.

Shaped charges performance and data summaries

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Deepest Penetrating Shaped Charge in the Industry

PowerJet Nova HNS shaped charge
PowerJet Nova charges deliver up to 50% more formation contact for more effective stimulation treatments and increased drainage contact.
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