Tempo Instrumented Docking Perforating Gun System

Real-time measurements integrated in new gun design confirm perforation performance in maximizing well productivity

The Tempo instrumented docking perforating gun system is the industry’s first perforating gun system to fully integrate a plug-in gun with real-time advanced downhole measurements throughout the operation. This unique combination significantly mitigates operational risk while increasing safety, reliability, and efficiency. By generating and confirming dynamic underbalance in the well, the Tempo system effectively removes perforation debris to optimize productivity.


Plug-in design efficiency and reliability

The proprietary docking components of the compact plug-in gun design simplify assembly and eliminate the major causes of perforating misfires: technique-sensitive crimping and wiring. Up to 40 guns can be deployed for selective initiation to perforate multiple intervals in a single trip in the well. Both single and selective guns can be quickly armed offline to further support operational safety and efficiency.

Full-system visibility of operational precision and real-time confirmation

The complete suite of real-time data acquired by the Tempo system makes it possible to confirm and optimize perforating design and execution. The ruggedized technology obtains pressure, temperature, CCL, and optional gamma ray before, during, and after perforating without the need for a shock absorber.

Exact gun placement is ensured by the dual correlation capabilities, and new high-precision pressure measurements verify the intrinsic application of dynamic underbalance for creating clean perforations that drive productivity. The Tempo system also accurately measures perforating peak shock, which is a critical input parameter for modeling future operations.

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