Safety Valves

Reliability when it really counts

Subsurface safety valves are an integral part of the well completions that protect production installations against uncontrolled flow from producing wells in case of catastrophic damage to wellhead equipment.

Our surface-controlled subsurface safety valves use the innovative rod piston hydraulic-actuation system developed by Schlumberger. All valve series contain a rugged, metal-to-metal INCONEL flapper closure mechanism, together with a secondary soft seal, and meet leakage-acceptance criteria substantially more stringent than API and ISO specifications.

Critical to the durability and reliability of safety valves are appropriate valve design, material, and selection. We offer multiple valve styles, ranging from basic to the most technologically advanced designs available in the industry.


Our tubing-retrievable safety and injection valves have a fullbore ID (equivalent to the production tubing), providing high-volume flow capability, reduced flow velocity, reduced backpressure on the formation, and access for through-tubing intervention.


These safety and injection valves are installed in landing nipples or hydraulic communication nipples attached to the production tubing or in locked-out tubing-retrievable subsurface safety valves. They are easily installed and removed without the need for a rig.

Annular Control

The surface-controlled annular control system (ACS) incorporates a tubing-retrievable subsurface safety valve and a mudline packer designed to provide control of the annulus fluid (e.g., during bypass operations for gas lifting).


A range of conventional tubing- and wireline-retrievable surface-controlled subsurface safety valves are available for depths less than 3,000 ft. These primarily standard spring-type designs are offered with multiple profiles and materials, suitable for both producers and injectors.


These tubing- or wireline-retrievable surface-controlled safety valves are intended for installation at depths of 3,000 ft to 6,000 ft. Standard and gas spring designs are available for both producers and injectors.


These tubing-retrievable valves are designed for depths between 3,000 ft and 15,000 ft in both producers and injectors. Gas springs offset the hydrostatic head in the control line.

High-Rate Gas

The fullbore ID (equivalent to the production tubing) and curved flapper design of these tubing-retrievable valves provides high-volume flow capability with reduced flow velocity, even in large-bore completions.  Slam-closure testing beyond industry standards ensures closure under extreme conditions. 


Designed for ultrahigh pressures and severely corrosive environments up to 400 degF, our HPHT safety valves feature enhanced premium hydraulic actuation, full metal-to-metal body connections, and a rugged flapper closure mechanism. Both tubing- and wireline-retrievable valves are available.


Surface- and subsurface-controlled safety and injection valve systems are used to prevent injection wells from flowing back or blowing out in the event wellhead equipment malfunctions.  


These tubing-retrievable, surface-controlled subsurface safety valves remain fully operational after flowing cement slurry or fracturing fluids through them during the completion process, offering an economically viable method of completing wells for tubingless or cemented monobore completions.  

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Over 500 TRC Series Safety Valves in GOM and No Mechanical Failures

Over 500 TRC Series Safety Valves Deployed in GOM in Last 20 Years—With No Mechanical Failures
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TRC-II Tubing-Retrievable Charged Safety Valve Successfully Set at 13,248 ft

TRC-II Tubing-Retrievable Charged Safety Valve Successfully Set in GOM at Record Depth of 13,248 ft
Safety valve in Gulf of Mexico well provides operating redundancy, well integrity, and long-term reliability at a depth previously unattainable.
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