TRM-4 Tubing-Retrievable, Surface-Controlled Safety Valve

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Self-equalizing, premium rod piston flapper valve for working pressures up to 10,000 psi

The TRM-4 tubing-retrievable, surface-controlled safety valve is a conventional spring type design, incorporating a single rod piston with reliable, spring-energized, filled Teflon sealing elements; a static, full-closed, metal-to-metal seal; and a static, fully open seal and centralizing system. 

Reliable metal-to-metal seals

For maximum reliability, all TRM-4 valves have only two body joints and use proprietary threads to achieve a reliable, metal-to-metal seal. The premium flapper mechanism also features full metal-to-metal sealing, together with a secondary soft seat, and it meets a leakage acceptance criterion that is substantially more stringent than API and ISO specifications. The optional side-mounted equalizing system is an industry-recognized method for equalizing pressure across the flapper. The side mounting minimizes the risk of accidental damage to the equalizing system by anything passing through the valve.

Wide range of operating environments

The modular design allows a wide range of material and design options that provide cost-effective solutions for conventional, deepset, injection, and cement-through applications.

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