HPHT Safety Valves

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Reliable performance in HPHT applications and severely corrosive environments up to 400 degF

Schlumberger created the industry’s first all-metal, ultrahigh-pressure safety valves for use in hostile environments.  The valves feature enhanced premium hydraulic actuation; full metal-to-metal body connections; and rugged, field-proven flapper closure systems. 

Conventional spring-type designs use a piston sealing system incorporating metal-to-metal dynamic seals and spring-energized, filled Teflon sealing elements; static up and down stops; and a precision piston tube. Gas-spring designs using patented gas-powered actuators and disconnect rod pistons are insensitive to tubing pressure, making them suitable for deepset and ultradeepset subsurface safety valves where lower hydraulic operating pressures are required. 

Wide range of options

Multiple profiles and materials are available for both standard-spring and gas-spring designs for production tubing sizes from 4 1/2 in to 5 1/2 in, working pressures from 15,000 psi to 20,000 psi, and a range of setting depths.

TRC-II Tubing-Retrievable Charged Safety Valve

Deepset and ultradeepset, surface-controlled subsurface valves for working pressures up to 20,000 psi.

Pinnacle HPHT Tubing-Retrievable, Surface-Controlled Safety Valve

Safety valves for conventional, HPHT, deepset, and severely corrosive applications.

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