TRC-II Tubing-Retrievable Charged Safety Valve

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Deepset and ultradeepset flapper valves for working pressures up to 20,000 psi

The TRC-II tubing-retrievable, charged safety valve is a surface-controlled subsurface valve that uses a gas-spring design with gas-powered actuators that allow installation at depths significantly deeper than conventional spring type designs. Because these valves can be run at greater depths, they can be positioned below the hydrate- or paraffin-deposit regions to increase operating efficiency. 

Fully redundant operating systems with low activation pressures

The compact design of TRC-II valves incorporates laboratory- and field-proven Schlumberger technologies, including rod piston actuators that are insensitive to tubing pressure and require substantially lower hydraulic operating pressures. Two separate piston systems connected to individual control lines provide complete operating redundancy. Either system is fully capable of operating the valve and incorporates a minimum number of critical, dynamic, and static seals; a 5-um control-fluid-filter; and disconnect rod pistons to ensure fail-safe operation.

The valve features a rugged flapper-closure system and meets a leakage acceptance criterion substantially more stringent than API and ISO specifications.

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Reliable in Ultradeepwater and Ultra-HPHT Environments

TRC-II Safety Valve
The TRC-II-20 safety valve performs reliably where other technologies are ineffective. Hydraulic operation is insensitive to production tubing pressure. Download TRC-II-20 Safety Valve product sheet (0.24 MB PDF)