Cased Hole Sand Control Services

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Gravel packing, frac packing, screenless completions

Schlumberger tackles both openhole and cased hole environments with an engineering-driven, total-system approach that features the tools, fluid chemistries, technologies, software, services, and people needed to extend the life of long, horizontal intervals and optimize production. As the industry leader in sand control, in addition to the gravel- or frac-packing operation we can assist you with

  • engineered planning
  • wellbore preparation
  • hardware selection (including screens and packers)
  • screen installation
  • cleanup.

We deliver the most appropriate solution, customized to your well, to increase the efficiency of your operations and reduce risks.

Single-Trip Gravel and Frac Packing Saves More Than 7 Rig Days in Indonesian Attaka Field

The streamlined MZ-Xpress cased hole single-trip multizone gravel- and frac-pack service saved Chevron approximately USD 1,665,000 in rig time and helped increase production 2.5 times more than the initial estimation. Read case study

Gravel-Pack & Frac-Pack Completions

Optimization Services

Screenless Completions

Screens & ICDs

Schlumberger offers the broadest, most versatile sand screen portfolio in the industry. Robust, reliable, fit-for-purpose sand screens and inflow control devices give you the versatility to complete almost any type of interval for optimal recovery.


Engineered fluids and additives deliver optimal sand control treatments and help maximize production.

Downhole Tool Systems

We provide downhole gravel-pack packers, tools, accessories, and fluid loss control devices that help maximize well performance over time, mitigate formation damage, and prevent costly interventions.

Pumping Equipment

Schlumberger provides surface pumping and blending equipment, as well as data acquisition and control systems for sand management. A reliable fleet of stimulation vessels is also available for offshore operations.

Wellbore Preparation

A single-source, integrated package of services and technologies includes the latest-generation chemicals, hydraulics modeling, and mechanical tools, tailored as needed for efficient, effective delivery of a properly prepared wellbore.


Sophisticated software suites take every system element and critical parameter into account for running advanced simulations to optimize design, execution, and evaluation of sand control operations.

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Alternate Path Screens Ensure 100% Gravel Packing Offshore Angola

AllFRAC Alternate Path Screens Ensure 100% Gravel Packing in Highly Permeable Zones Offshore Angola
Alternate Path cased hole frac-pack screens and a fit-for-purpose fluid that included a scale inhibitor provided 100% gravel placement in highly permeable zones and improved production.
Read case study

Options for Gravel Packing Multiple Zones in a Single Run

Alternate path technologyMZ -Xpress gravel and frac pack system
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