Cased Hole Sand Control Services

Gravel packing, frac packing, screenless completions

Cased hole sand control in unconsolidated environments requires a broad, diversified portfolio of products and services with a wide range of options. Our team of specialists can help you make the right choices for your precise requirements.  We deliver the most appropriate solution, customized to your well, to increase the efficiency of your operations and reduce risks.

Single-Trip Gravel- and Frac-Packing Saves More Than 7 Rig Days in Indonesian Attaka Field

The streamlined MZ-Xpress fracture-stimulation process saved Chevron approximately USD 1,665,000 in rig time and helped increased production 2.5 times more than the initial estimation. Read case study

Gravel-Pack & Frac-Pack Completions

Screenless Completions

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Alternate Path Screens Ensure 100% Gravel Packing Offshore Angola

AllFRAC Alternate Path Screens Ensure 100% Gravel Packing in Highly Permeable Zones Offshore Angola
Alternate Path cased hole frac-pack screens and a fit-for-purpose fluid that included a scale inhibitor provided 100% gravel placement in highly permeable zones and improved production.
Read case study

Options for Gravel Packing Multiple Zones in a Single Run

Alternate path technologyMZ -Xpress gravel and frac pack systemQUANTUM PERFPAC frac pack completions
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Sand Control Solutions
for All Cased Hole Wells

Cased Hole Sand Control Table
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