Cased Hole Gravel-Pack & Frac-Pack Completions

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Perforating, gravel packing, and frac packing

Gravel packs are placed in the screen-casing annulus across perforated intervals and in perforation tunnels to prevent the production of formation fines and sand. Frac packing—our STIMPAC service—combines gravel packing with fracturing, creating wide, highly conductive fractures connecting the reservoir to the wellbore.

Alternate Path technology includes shunt tubes and nozzles used on screens to bypass bridges and fill in voids. It is compatible with most gravel- and frac-pack systems.

Single-Zone Completions

Multizone Completions

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Single-Trip Gravel- and Frac- Packing Saves 7 Rig Days

MZ-Xpress System Saves over 7 Days in Rig Time
The streamlined single-trip MZ-Xpress system for multizone fracturing and gravel packing increased production 2.5 times more than the initial estimation.
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Options for Efficient Gravel Packing in Cased Hole Wells

MZ -Xpress gravel and frac pack systemQUANTUM PERFPAC frac pack completions
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