Multizone Cased Hole Completions

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Perforating, fracturing, and gravel packing

In complex reservoirs, our multizone completion systems improve both efficiency and recovery. Multiple zones can be isolated and treated independently or in a single pumping operation, with either commingled or selective production.

Stacked completions—zones treated separately in multiple trips

Stacked completions consist of a series of single zones treated separately. Multiple trips are required to deploy the perforating and sand control tools and to clean the well. Both the QUANTUM gravel-pack system and the QUANTUM MAX system for higher pressures and temperatures can be used, alone or with Alternate Path technology. The first zone can be completed using the QUANTUM PERFPAC or the QUANTUM MAX PERFPAC single-trip perforating and gravel- and frac-packing system.

MZ-Xpress system

Multizone gravel or frac packing can also be done in a single trip after the well has been perforated. Zones are isolated and treated individually. The MZ-Xpress system for performing multizone fracturing and gravel packing in a single trip is used for this approach—alone or with Alternate Path technology.

MZ-Xpress System Saves 6.5 Days of Rig Time by Minimizing Completion Trips Offshore Indonesia

A well in the Jangkrik field, Makassar Strait, needed multizone gravel packing, but a traditional stacked completion would have challenged well economics. Using the MZ-Express system, the well was completed, from casing cleanout to final service tool recovery, in 23.7 days—6.5 days less than an optimal stacked completion. Read case study

One treatment after perforation—in a single trip

Multizone gravel or frac packing closely spaced zones in one trip can also be performed using a single pumping operation after the well has been perforated, resulting in significant cost and rig-time savings. The Alternate Path multizone packer—a cup-type packer with Alternate Path shunt tubes extending through it—is used as part of the AllPAC or AllFRAC screen assembly to provide isolation between the zones.

One treatment and perforation—in a single trip

Combining the Alternate Path packer with the QUANTUM PERFPAC system enables multiple zones to be perforated and gravel or frac packed in a single treatment—all in one trip. This combination of technologies is unique in the oil and gas industry.

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MZ-Xpress System Wins World Oil Award

MZ-Xpress System Wins Best Completions Technology in World Oil Competition

Industry experts honored the MZ-Xpress single-trip multizone frac- and gravel-pack system for its technical and economic benefits. Read article

Single-Trip Gravel and Frac Packing in Multizone Wells

MZ -Xpress gravel and frac pack system
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