Multizone Cased Hole Completions

Overview Library
Date Title Challenge Products
Sep 2017 MZ-Xpress System Saves 6.5 Days of Rig Time by Minimizing Completion Trips Offshore Indonesia MZ Xpress, FlexSTIM, ClearFRAC
May 2013 MZ-Xpress System Saves More Than 7 Days in Rig Time Deep Water MZ Xpress, ClearFRAC, service tool, screen and valve assembly
May 2012 Combined Completions Technologies Add USD 20 Million in Projected Revenue QUANTUM, Alternate Path, QUANTUM PERFPAC, MZ Alternate Path packer, ClearFRAC, AllFRAC, IRIS, IRDV, standard service tool
May 2012 QUANTUM Gravel-Pack System Sets New Efficiency Record in More Than 800 Completions in Central Africa QUANTUM, Alternate Path, MZ Alternate Path packer, standard service tool, fullbore setdown service tool
Sep 2010 Operator Eliminates Sand Production in Complex Reservoir and Saves 5 Days of Rig Time per Well Deep Water Alternate Path, AllFRAC