Single-Zone Cased Hole Completions

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Perforating and gravel or frac packing

Single-zone gravel- and frac-pack solutions range from the conventional multiple-trip system to the more efficient single-trip sand control solution.

Conventional gravel-packing—in multiple trips

Conventional gravel packing requires multiple trips into and out of the well to run the sump packer, perforate, and deploy the screen and gravel-pack assembly. This proven and reliable technology is widely used and is often the most practical choice. Our QUANTUM gravel-pack system and QUANTUM MAX system with higher pressure and temperature ratings are both available for this technique. Alternate Path technology can be combined with either system when increased reservoir or wellbore complexity makes it more challenging to pack the annulus fully.

Perforating and gravel or frac packing—in a single trip

When greater efficiency is a primary objective because of depths, pressures, costs, or risks, the unique QUANTUM PERFPAC and QUANTUM MAX PERFPAC systems allow perforating and gravel or frac packing in a single trip. Both systems use high-performance, big-hole charges that maximize wellbore productivity. Once on depth, the guns are dropped into the rathole at the instant before they fire, protecting the rest of the assembly from shock. The BHA is then lowered to position the screens across the perforations and the sand control procedure starts. Both systems are compatible with Alternate Path technology.

QUANTUM PERFPAC System Saves Operator More Than USD 1.5 Million in Deepwater Offshore Nigeria

The system allowed the use of tubing-conveyed perforating guns and the running of the frac pack and testing tool subassemblies inhole together in just one trip. Read case study

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Single-Trip Perforating and Gravel Packing for Greater Efficiency in Single-Zone Wells

QUANTUM PERFPAC frac pack completions
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