MZ-Xpress Cased Hole Single-Trip Multizone Gravel- and Frac-Pack Service

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Improve sand control efficiency and economics with fewer trips

The MZ-Xpress cased hole single-trip multizone gravel- and frac-pack service enhances efficiency by gravel or frac packing multiple zones in one trip. As with all our gravel- and frac-pack services, our integrated system approach includes downhole tools, surface pumping and blending equipment, screens, fluids, and optimization services to maximize success.

Treat a perforated well using single or multiple pumping operations

For single-trip multizone gravel or frac packing after the well has been perforated, zones can be isolated and treated individually, with or without Alternate Path technology.

When the zones are closely spaced, a single pumping operation can be used for additional savings in rig time and costs. The Alternate Path multizone packer—a cup-type packer with Alternate Path shunt tubes extending through it—is used as part of the screen assembly to provide isolation between the zones.

Combine perforation and sand control for even greater efficiency

When greater efficiency is a primary objective because of depths, pressures, costs, or risks, a single zone can be perforated and gravel or frac packed in one trip by combining tubing-conveyed perforating guns with proprietary sand control equipment.

Using the Alternate Path multizone packer with this system, multiple zones can be perforated and gravel or frac packed in a single treatment—also in one trip. This combination of technologies is unique in the industry.

High-performance, big-hole perforating charges maximize productivity. Perforating can be performed in overbalanced, underbalanced, or balanced conditions. An automatic release drops the guns into the rathole at the instant after they fire, eliminating mechanical shock to the rest of the assembly and minimizing the risk of stuck guns. The BHA is then lowered to position the screens across the perforations and the sand control procedure starts.

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MZ-Xpress Service Wins World Oil Award

MZ-Xpress System Wins Best Completions Technology in World Oil Competition

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Single-Trip Gravel and Frac Packing in Multizone Wells

MZ -Xpress gravel and frac pack system
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