PerfPac Cased Hole Gravel- and Frac-Pack Service

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Widely used conventional technique

Conventional PerfPac cased hole gravel- and frac-pack service uses sequential trips to run the sump packer, perforate, and deploy the screen and gravel-pack assembly. This proven and reliable technique is widely used and is often the most practical choice for single-zone completions.

Field-proven, industry leading technology

Both the QUANTUM gravel-pack system and the QUANTUM MAX system for higher pressures and temperatures can be used. They can be combined with Alternate Path technology when increased reservoir or wellbore complexity makes it more challenging to fully pack the annulus. Alternate Path technology includes screens with shunt tubes and nozzles to bypass bridges and fill in voids.

Engineered fluids for optimal gravel and frac packing

The PerfPac service can be used with

  • brines for gravel packs and high-rate water packs (which create small fractures to bypass near-wellbore damage, followed by gravel packing)
  • a full array of viscosified fluids, from conventional polymers to polymer-free viscoelastic fluids for gravel and frac packing.

These fluids enable the treatment to be tailored to a wide range of downhole conditions.

Pumping and mixing services with precise control

PerfPac service includes pumping and mixing services that allow synchronization and remote control of key equipment and precise control of sand concentrations at design values.

Optimization services for successful operations

Software-aided treatment design, execution, and evaluation and the FinesLOK fines migration prevention technique maximize success.

Stacked completions with a time-saving option

Stacked completions consist of a series of single zones treated separately in multiple trips. The first zone can be completed using our single-trip perforating and gravel- and frac-packing system to enhance efficiency by reducing operating time.

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Software Simulates Gravel-
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