Cased Hole Sand Control Optimization Services

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Maximizing effectiveness and longevity of gravel and frac packs

Cased hole sand control optimization services aid frac-pack fluid selection and fracture treatment designs. A service is also available to prevent fines migration, which can impair proppant pack permeability.

FinesLOK fines migration prevention technique

FinesLOK technique prevents fines migration that typically occurs in unconsolidated formations in the near-wellbore region as a result of high drawdown pressures. A fluid binds and stabilizes the fines within the formation, preventing them from invading the proppant pack.

CoolFRAC optimized fracturing service for high-permeability frac packs

CoolFRAC service optimizes fluid selection for frac packs in high-permeability formations, where fractures are short and wide, with a high leakoff rate.

DataFRAC fracture data determination service

DataFRAC service identifies values of parameters specific to a formation and well that are critical to optimizing fracture treatment design.

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FinesLOK Technique Binds Fines, Preventing Migration

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Frac-Pack Treatment Comparison

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