Screenless Sand Control Completions

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Chemical consolidation and proppant-flowback control

Screenless completions use chemical consolidation treatments and proppant packs with proppant-flowback control additives to keep formation sand and proppant from entering the wellbore. The technique eliminates the skin associated with screens and gravel packs and provides full wellbore access. Screenless sand control operations can be performed without a rig, overcoming the limitations of screened completions and providing a cost-effective method of sand control for primary and remedial completions.

Oriented perforating

Oriented perforating optimizes phasing, hole spacing, and orientation of the perforations.

Chemical consolidation

Perforating is followed by chemical consolidation treatments, which produce a bonding reaction with formation sand to keep the sand from entering the wellbore.

TSO fracturing treatment

During the subsequent tip-screenout (TSO) treatment, a resin-coated proppant is pumped into the fracture. A fiber additive can be pumped in the last stages of the fracture treatment to keep the proppant from flowing back into the well.

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Prevent Formation Sand and Proppant from Entering the Wellbore—Without Screens

Screenless Sand Control Completions
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