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MUDSOLV NG integrated filtercake removal service

MUDSOLV NG service focuses on designing the most effective openhole filtercake cleanup treatment, one that is specifically tailored to the completion environment and is driven by performance metrics and laboratory verification testing. We have developed chemicals and tools specifically for filtercake removal in openhole environments, replacing conventional corrosion-causing acid cleanups with treatments that use nonaggressive elements:

  • chelating agent solutions to dissolve carbonate bridging materials
  • an enzyme breaker to dissolve starch-based compounds in reservoir drilling fluid (RDF) filtercake
  • the antiswab service tool, which allows fluid to be placed through the washpipe after gravel packing is completed
  • jetting and cleanup tools that provide optimal hydraulic energy and effective placement of cleanup and breaker fluids.

With the MUDSOLV NG service, filtercake is properly removed, uniform inflow velocity is achieved across the formation, and completion hardware is protected—all to extend the effectiveness and life of the completion.

ResFlow Inflow Control Devices and MudSolv Service Dissolve Mudcake and Restart Flow

An operator asked Schlumberger to restart flow in a long, horizontal well severely damaged by mudcake buildup. After 112 hours of selective stage stimulation treatment with the MudSolv service, the well flowed back with its full potential at 93% oil. Read case study


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Thorough Removal
of Filtercake

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MudSOLV Filtercake Removal Service Extends Economic Life of Wells

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