OptiPac Openhole Alternate Path Gravel-Pack Service

Alternate Path Technology

Global Track Record

Sand Control Map

Alternate Path shunt tube technology has been licensed to Schlumberger by ExxonMobil since 1995. Since then, Schlumberger has successfully installed more than 1,400 Alternate Path systems for more than 110 operators in more than 30 countries.

This extensive track record has given us the detailed knowledge of the Alternate Path system—including its challenges and the solutions—to ensure full annular packs and high-productivity sand control completions.

Efficient and Effective Multizone Gravel Packs in Open Holes

OSMP OptiPac service mechanical packer
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Eliminate Voids and Premature Screenout

Alternate Path system nozzle
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Alternate Flow Path Reduces Risks

Alternate path technology
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