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Displacement and cleanout tools and services

Wellbore preparation products and services for sand control include an integrated package of mechanical, chemical, and hydraulic displacement services and wellbore cleanout tools.

Wellbore Preparation Tool and Service Applications
Tool/Service Openhole Sand Control Cased Hole Sand Control Product Sheet
displacement strategy provides a single-source, integrated package of displacement services, including the latest generation of chemical, mechanical, and hydraulic technologies.
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single-stage spacer pill additive acts as a one-stage displacement and can be used in water, seawater, and high-density brines; it is stable up to 300 degF.
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high-flashpoint pipe dope solvent removes the excess pipe dope used to lubricate pipe threads during tripping operations.
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vacuum debris removal tool is a modular tool specifically designed to capture and remove debris from the wellbore.
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ball-activated drilling circulating valve provides an alternate circulation path for critical functions such as placing lost circulation material in troublesome zones.
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validation tool confirms the effectiveness of the displacement operation by filtering wellbore fluids while tripping.
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Transitioning from Drilling
Fluid to Completion Brine

SMART 3D Displacement Services
SMART 3D displacement strategy provides a single source for integrating and coordinating the well preparation components needed to deliver a clean wellbore ready for the completion process. Download brochure