DeepSTIM Stimulation Vessels

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Stimulate the toughest deepwater wells

DeepSTIM stimulation vessels are designed for endurance and efficiency in some of the most hostile environments across the globe. These high-capacity ships incorporate the latest in marine and stimulation technologies, allowing them to face extreme environments such as the South Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the North Sea, and deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Each vessel provides a wide range of services in deep water, including matrix acidizing, acid fracturing, proppant fracturing, sand control, and scale control.

Meet the highest service capability and environmental standards

New-generation DeepSTIM vessels are the largest—and cleanest—multiservice stimulation vessels ever built. They enable greater storage capacity and longer deployments with less environmental impact. The latest vessels incorporate CLEAN class requirements, including fuel-efficient dynamic positioning, double hull designs, and onboard-water treatment. In addition, the vessels can accommodate two crews comfortably, allowing 24/7 operations.

Track parts, performance, documents, and vessel locations

DeepSTIM stimulation vessel management displays KPIs, daily logs, vessel locations, personnel records, and more. All component parts are numbered, tracked, and documented in engineering, manufacturing, and sustaining systems. This, along with key redundancy elements, ensures 100% supportability, global consistency, and minimal risk of downtime.

Reduce risk with advanced safety systems and highly trained specialists

All operations personnel must pass extensive marine training in addition to their specialized well service training. To minimize risk, Schlumberger monitors and operates onboard systems remotely, and transmits and receives job parameters in real time from virtually anywhere.

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DeepSTIM Vessels Provide Longer Deployments and Less Risk

DeepSTIM Stimulation Vessels
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