Inflow and Injection Control Devices

Balance flow across the entire completion interval

ResFlow inflow control devices (ICDs) and ResInject injection ICDs help maintain uniform inflow and injection rates, respectively, across the entire length of the interval in openhole completions, even in the presence of permeability variations and thief zones. Combined with the strength and accuracy of Schlumberger screens, they give you an intelligently integrated flow management system that regulates itself without the need for downhole telemetry.

North Caspian Extended-Reach Wells Completed Without Washpipe, Saving 2 days and USD 2 Million per Well

An operator developing an oil field with openhole extended-reach wells used ResFlow CV ICD to allow cleanup and displacement of oil-base mud without the use of washpipe. Read case study

Improve hydrocarbon recovery

Produced fluid enters the production tubing through the ICD. In high-permeability or high-pressure zones, the higher fluid velocity causes the ResFlow ICD to exert higher backpressure than in less productive zones. Consequently low-productivity zones are stimulated to produce more than in conventional screen completions, minimizing the risk of bypassing reserves and increasing hydrocarbon recovery. Moreover, the ICD dramatically reduces water and gas rates when these breakthrough phases have higher mobility than the oil.

During injection, fluid flows through the ResInject injection ICD before entering the reservoir. Low-permeability zones receive more fluid than they would in conventional completions because the lower fluid velocity results in lower backpressure, again improving sweep and hydrocarbon recovery.

ResFlow CV ICD eliminates need to run washpipe

The ResFlow CV check-valve ICD is an inflow control device that eliminates the need to deploy washpipe for well cleanup (fluid displacement) and for setting openhole hydraulically set packers. The check-valve assembly, which includes a ceramic nozzle, a ceramic or aluminum ball, and an aluminum plate, is used instead of the standard ResFlow ICD nozzle assembly within the ICD housing. The check-valve assembly prevents fluid loss through the nozzles during washdown and then controls the flow of hydrocarbons during production, in the same way as a conventional ResFlow ICD.

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ResFlow CV Check-Valve ICDs Save 20 Hours of Rig Time Offshore Canada

Check-Valve ICDs Save 20 Hours of Rig Time and Approximately USD 1 Million, Offshore Canada
ResFlow CV ICDs ensure completion string hydraulic integrity, eliminate washpipe run, and enable setting of two openhole hydraulic packers for zonal isolation, saving about USD 1 million.. Read case study

Technical Support and ResFlow ICDs Increase Production 16%

Technical Domain Support and ResFlow ICDs Increase Production 16% in the Gulf of Thailand
The well equipped with ResFlow ICDs delayed water production by nearly two months and produced an additional 75,500 bbl of oil over 2.5 years compared with an offset well that did not use ICDs. Read tech report

Endure Screens and ResFlow ICDs Optimize Production in Deepwater ERD Wells

Endure screens and ResFlow ICDs control variable permeability and exceed expectations in ERD wells
A combination of completion technologies achieved balanced production from the full length of an extended-reach lateral across multiple heterogeneous zones and completed the well early, under budget, and without incident. Read case study