Inflow and Injection Control Devices

Date Title Challenge Products Society
Mar 2015 Redevelopment of a Previously Uneconomic Reservoir from a Mature Oil Field, Offshore South China ICD, ICD Advisor, EcoScope, PeriScope, PowerDrive Xceed, mud motors SPE
Jun 2014 Wellbore Modeling and Design of Nozzle-Based Inflow Control Device (ICD) for SAGD Wells Heavy Oil ResFlow, ECLIPSE SPE
Jun 2014 A Systematic Approach for Inflow Control Devices Testing in Mackay River SAGD Wells Heavy Oil ResFlow, ECLIPSE, Petrel SPE
Apr 2014 How Malfunctioning Completion Accessories Affect Well Performance in Offshore Saudi Arabia ResFlow, Flow Scanner, PS Platform SPE
Mar 2014 Optimization of Subcool in SAGD Bitumen Processes Heavy Oil ResFlow, INTERSECT World Heavy Oil Congress
Oct 2013 New Technologies Application To Solve Practical Challenges in Exploration and Development of HC in the Russian Sector of Caspian Sea Carbonates, Exploration SPE
Oct 2013 First Design of Inflow Control Devices Completion in Offshore Khafji Field Sandstone Reservoir—Challenges and Application ICD, ICD Advisor, ResFlow, MUDSOLV NG, MudSOLV, ResPack SPE
Oct 2013 A Case Study, Utilizing of Inflow Control Device to Control Oil Wells from Water Production and Regulate Waterfront Encroachment ICD, ICD Advisor, ResFlow, ResPack SPE
Sep 2013 Utilizing Production Logging Measurement Model Matching to Improve Inflow Control Device (ICD) Completion Design in Offshore Horizontal Wells ResFlow, Flow Scanner, PS Platform, ResPack SPE
Sep 2013 Optimized Modeling Workflows for Designing Passive Flow Control Devices in Horizontal Wells Unconventional Resources ResFlow, ECLIPSE, Petrel SPE
Sep 2013 Optimization of Smart Well Completion Design in the Presence of Uncertainty Unconventional Resources ResFlow, ECLIPSE SPE
Sep 2013 ICD Completions Optimization for an Offshore Abu Dhabi Well Using Dynamic Modeling Carbonates ResFlow, ECLIPSE, Petrel, FMI SPE
Jun 2013 Control of Reservoir Heterogeneity in SAGD Bitumen Processes Heavy Oil ResFlow, INTERSECT SPE
May 2013 Offshore Field Completion Evolution Overcomes Field Challenges and Optimizes Multilateral Wells Production ResFlow SPE
May 2013 Combining Contemporary and Tested Technologies to Achieve Successful Deepwater Extended Reach Completions Deep Water Alternate Path, ResFlow, RHELIANT, MFIV, ICD OTC
Mar 2013 Application of a Newly Developed Workflow to Design and Optimize MRC and Smart Well Completions ResFlow, Petrel SPE
Mar 2013 Utility of Multiphase Production Logs in Optimizing Performance of Horizontal Wells Exhibiting Crossflow Carbonates Flow Scanner IPTC
Mar 2013 High Water-Cut Production Remedy by Inflow Control Solution in Challenging Intermittent Channeled Sands Oil Recovery in Gulf of Thailand Offshore ResFlow IPTC
Feb 2012 The Impact of Annular Flows on High Rate Completions SPE
Nov 2011 Integration of Dynamic Modeling of ICD Completion Design and Well Placement Technology Deep Water, Real-Time Operations Reslink, PeriScope, ICD SPE
Jun 2010 Successful installation of Straddle With Inflow Control Device To Restrict Gas Influx, A Case History From The Heidrun Field Deep Water SPE