Premium Mesh Sand Screens

Overview Library
Date Title Challenge Products Society
Oct 2014 Characterizing, Designing, and Selecting Metal Mesh Screens for Standalone Screen Applications MeshSlot, MeshSlot XL SPE
May 2014 A Deepwater Sandface Monitoring System for Offshore Gas Hydrate Production Deep Water, Unconventional Resources WellWatcher BriteBlue, WellWatcher Flux OTC
May 2014 Operational Overview of the First Offshore Production Test of Methane Hydrates in the Eastern Nankai Trough Unconventional Resources MeshSlot OTC
Feb 2014 Particle Size Distribution Measurement Techniques and Their Relevance or Irrelevance to Sand Control Design Deep Water WeldSlot, MeshSlot, LineSlot SPE
Feb 2014 Qualification of Gravel Packing in HPHT Wells High Pressure, High Temperature, Deep Water MeshSlot SPE
Feb 2014 An Innovative Approach for Sand Management with Downhole Validation Deep Water, Geomechanics MeshSlot SPE
Sep 2013 Unraveling the Myths Associated With Selecting Standalone Screens and a New Methodology for Sand-Control Applications Deep Water LineSlot, MeshSlot, WeldSlot SPE
Jun 2013 New Analytical and Statistical Approach for Estimating and Analyzing Sand Production Through Plain Square-Mesh Screens During a Sand-Retention Test Deep Water LineSlot, MeshSlot SPE
Jun 2013 A 20/80 Oil/Water Ratio Non Aqueous Screen Running System Successfully Employed In Equatorial Guinea Deep Water MeshSlot SPE
Mar 2013 Inflow Profiling in Challenging Complex Deep Gas Environment High Pressure, High Temperature, Real-Time Operations MeshSlot, PS Platform, RSTPro, RST SPE
Oct 2012 Design, Qualification, and Installation of Openhole Gravel Packs: Mari B Field, Offshore Israel Deep Water MeshSlot SPE
Sep 2012 A New Method for the Design and Selection of Premium/Woven Sand Screens Deep Water MeshSlot SPE
Dec 2011 Numerical Simulations of Sand-Screen Performance in Standalone Applications Deep Water LineSlot, MeshSlot, WeldSlot SPE
Nov 2011 Evaluation and Improvement of Gravel Pack Treatments Using Advanced Downhole Pressure Analysis Deep Water MeshSlot SPE
Mar 2011 A Review of Screen Selection for Standalone Applications and a New Methodology Deep Water LineSlot, MeshSlot, WeldSlot SPE