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Date Title Challenge Products Society
Apr 2015 ESP System Configurations with Flexibility to Manage Unconventional Wells in the Mississippi Lime Formation Carbonates, Unconventional Resources REDA Maximus, REDA, ARZ, AGH, VGSA, Vortex, SpeedStar, SpeedStar SWD, MeshRite, PumpGuard, MGH, LiftWatcher, Phoenix, Phoenix xt150, Lift IQ SPE
Dec 2011 Innovative Well-Completion Strategy for Challenging Heavy-Oil Wells within Mature Fields Requiring Sand Control in Colombia Heavy Oil, High Pressure, High Temperature MeshRite SPE
Nov 2011 Methodologies, Solutions, and Lessons Learned from Heavy Oil Well Testing with an ESP Heavy Oil, Real-Time Operations, Flow Assurance Electric Submersible Pumps, PhaseWatcher, Vx Technology, Quartet, Signature, Signature CQG, IRIS, QUANTUM, MFIV, TFTV, EnACT, SCAR, DST (Drillstem Testing), MeshRite SPE
Dec 2010 A Unique Sand Control Screen That Enhances Productivity Heavy Oil MeshRite SPE