CAMShale Fracturing Fluid Delivery & Flowback Service

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Efficient use of people, equipment, and time to achieve more stages per day at a lower total cost

For operators with challenging unconventional play economics, where maximizing operational efficiency while maintaining the technical integrity of all high-pressure activities is essential, the CAMShale fracturing fluid delivery and flowback service is the answer.

CAMShale fracturing fluid delivery and flowback service

The service provides seamless delivery of hydraulic fracturing fluid from the pumping service provider’s missile trailer to the wellbore and through to flowback. Comprehensive, integrated service and support from a single provider helps optimize overall efficiency while reducing NPT, costs, and the environmental impact of unconventional completions. Multiskilled crews minimize wellsite personnel and reduce logistics demands. The continuity of trained personnel, innovative equipment, and rigorous maintenance programs improve operational integrity and safety. 

By removing as much nonproductive preparatory work from critical-path operations as possible, the CAMShale service helps you reach first oil or gas faster and minimize the cost per barrel of oil equivalent.

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Comprehensive portfolio of integrated technologies streamlines operations

The service incorporates frac trees—including composite frac trees, which are shorter and lighter than the conventional models; flexible, modular frac manifolds that enable control of fluid flow to multiple wells, eliminating rig-up and rig-down between stages; flowback equipment and well test separators tailored to operating conditions and regulatory requirements; and multiskilled trained personnel using standard procedures developed through a proprietary Schlumberger process improvement methodology.

Technologies and services that bring significant advantages to the CAMShale service include the 

  • Monoline flanged-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology, which provides a safer, faster, cleaner alternative to conventional frac iron for multiwell and pad operations
  • composite frac trees, including the F-T90 horizontal frac trees, which are 50% shorter and 25% lighter than conventional Cameron frac trees
  • FracServ enhanced valve-reliability program and frac valve designs that provide three times more uptime compared with other suppliers.

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Continuity of ownership and competency brings multiple advantages

With the CAMShale service, a Cameron crew is on site from the time fracturing fluid delivery equipment is installed through the entire fracturing operation, flowback, and any well testing. The result is a smooth transition from completion to production and a single point of contact for the entire surface completion beyond the pressure pumping provider. As an added bonus, the service also assists contingency planning. For example, in the event of a screenout, flowback equipment and a trained crew are already on site to clean out the wellbore in the shortest possible time.

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Comprehensive, Integrated Service & Support from a Single Provider

CAMShale Fracturing Fluid Delivery and Flowback Service
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CAMShale Service Reduces Fracturing Costs More Than 30%, Canada

CAMShale Fracturing Fluid Delivery and Flowback Service Reduces Costs More than 30%, Canada
Operator improves efficiency and safety on 27 wells in the Duvernay Shale while realizing 99% uptime during hydraulic fracturing operations. Read case study

Eagle Ford Operator Reduces Fracturing Costs USD 2.7 Million/Month

Eagle Ford Operator Reduces Hydraulic Fracturing Costs by Approximately USD 2.7 Million per Month
CAMShale service eliminates fracturing-related NPT and achieves 100% valve integrity success rate. Read case study