Field Services Fleet

Operations support to help your equipment function with peak efficiency

Our field services fleet supports more than 1,000 fracturing jobs per year on average in the US and Canada. The test, torque, and grease trucks and trailers have a maximum test pressure of 5,000, 7,000, 10,000, or 15,000 psi.

Field Services Fleet

Trucks for testing, torquing, and greasing

Cameron has a large fleet of Peterbilt-348 trucks with sleeper cabs and 25-ft flatbeds. Each truck carries the same equipment package and is equipped to

  • deliver, lift, and place up to 10,000 lbm
  • perform pressure tests up to 15,000 psi for wellheads, valves, BOPs, and casing
  • hydraulically torque all flange sizes
  • perform valve grease operations up to 15,000 psi.

In addition, each truck is equipped with

  • mechanical casing cutters in all sizes through 13 3/8 in
  • a self-contained rotary-screw air compressor.

Trailers for testing, torquing, and greasing

Cameron trailers are fitted to perform integrated field testing, power torquing, and high-pressure greasing from a single platform. Each trailer is equipped to carry and pump methanol, glycol, and water. Operational and safety upgrades include

  • pump capabilities of 30 galUS/min and 15,000-psi working pressure
  • increased fluid capacity (700 galUS)
  • fluid containment/catch pans
  • runaway shutdown safeties and pusher fans
  • modular deck components.

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