Wellsite Safety Services

Training, auditing, and proactive measures enhance safety at your wellsite

Through specialized training, auditing, and QA/QC programs, we help you maintain regulatory compliance throughout flowback and production operations. We work with you to administer your organization’s safety program, ensuring all third-party contractors adhere to the appropriate procedural policies. A wide range of equipment necessary to enhance safety in your operating environment is also available.

Wellsite Safety Services

Customizable Cameron safety services and products include

  • operational contingency planning
  • H2S awareness certification and training
  • design, installation, and calibration of toxic-gas monitoring systems (portable or permanent)
  • onsite fit testing for safety equipment
  • CPR certification and training
  • flare stack (4-in and 6-in ID) and flame arrestor rentals
  • confined-space equipment
  • Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) monitoring.

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