F-T90 Horizontal Frac Tree

Advantages of the F-T90 horizontal frac tree

  • Reduced height and weight for easier and safer installation
  • Fewer connections to make up because of solid body block design
  • Reduced number of potential connection leak paths
  • Lower side-to-side bending moments from fracturing fluid delivery because of shorter tree
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric actuation
  • 5 1/8-in and 7 1/16-in systems rated 10,000 psi and 5 1/8-in system rated 15,000 psi
  • Same FLS-R gate valve dependability and durability as with conventional Cameron frac trees
  • Same top connection as conventional Cameron frac trees
  • CRA inlay on seat pockets and ring grooves
  • Large cavity ports for effective grease and sand evacuation
  • Integrated cross for flowback and pumpdown
  • Internal buffer zone for reduced erosion
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50% Shorter & 25% Lighter than Conventional Cameron Frac Trees

F-T90 Horizontal Frac Tree
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