FracServ Enhanced Valve-Reliability Program

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Proactive maintenance plan increases fracturing uptime

To maximize reliability in the harsh fracturing environment, our engineers have compiled rigorous maintenance procedures designed to ensure that any degradation of fracturing equipment is identified and corrected before the equipment is assigned to the next project.

The Cameron FracServ enhanced valve-reliability program minimizes downtime and related expenses, providing three times more uptime compared with other suppliers. The time—and hence the cost—involved in bringing a new valve to the wellsite, suspending the fracturing operation, isolating the well or system as required, and replacing a faulty valve is about the same as the time and substantial cost required to complete a fracturing stage. 

FracServ Enhanced Valve-Reliability Program

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When used as part of the CAMShale fracturing fluid delivery and flowback service, the FracServ program includes onsite maintenance of Cameron valves by the crew already present at the wellsite. Eliminating servicing by third parties ensures warranty coverage is not compromised.

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