Standard Completion Tubing Equipment (SCTE)

Hydraulic fracturing tubing spool enhances safety while saving time

Fully rated tubing spools provide an alternative to the use of bore isolation tools. The Cameron SCTE is a hydraulic fracturing tubing spool designed to hold pressures up to 15,000 psi. It reduces both the equipment required on site and rig-up time. Safety of operations is enhanced through the elimination of bore isolation tools.

Standard Completion Tubing Equipment (SCTE)

Cost-effective design enables use of smaller trees

The SCTE allows use of small-bore valves during fracturing and flowback operations, reducing cost and height and facilitating handling. It is available in 4 1/16-in and 5 1/8-in nominal sizes up to 15,000-psi working pressure, with full opening to both 4 1/2-in and 5 1/2-in casing.

Transition from fracturing and flowback to production mode does not require killing the well

A backpressure valve (BPV) provides a barrier when installing a production tree.

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