Wellhead Isolation Tool

Reduced capex and risk

The high-efficiency wellhead isolation tool is an innovative solution for saving time, reducing costs, and mitigating risk during high-pressure stimulation treatments.

Until now, when a well is equipped with a production tree and wellhead that is rated below the minimum requirements for a stimulation treatment, the original tree, and sometimes the wellhead, is replaced with higher-pressure rated equipment, requiring the operator to kill the well and risk damage to the formation.

With the wellhead isolation tool, it is not necessary to replace the tree or the wellhead. It enables higher-pressure treatments to be performed on wells with lower-pressure production trees and wellheads, eliminating the need to upgrade the wellhead due to stimulation pressure and flowback.

Wellhead Isolation Tool

The 15,000-psi [103.4-MPa] -rated system contains high pressures within the tool, protecting expensive valves and fittings from contact with abrasive, corrosive fluids. As a result, production equipment life is extended, and capex investment is reduced.

Streamlined, flexible operation

Deployment is streamlined and flexible. The portable, hydraulically operated tool can be installed with the well dead or under pressure without the aid of a workover rig.

Additionally, with the global presence of Cameron, the tool can be quickly rented, deployed, and used with less downtime at the rig site.

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